Before you get too carried away with my blog I thought you might find it helpful to get a brief guide to what’s here and what to expect. It might put you off subscribing after all.

First of all you might want to check out my about page. I’ve put some stuff you might find interesting on there about who I am, where I’m coming from and what makes me smile :-)

Why I blog

The reason I’m writing this blog is to help anyone – who is willing to help themselves – become successful in business by leveraging the internet.

After years of working on both my own businesses and those of my clients I have come to realise that the only way to be truly successful online, is to understand the business you’re in (internet marketing)  regardless of the industry and gather the knowledge you need to be creative and influential of your own outcomes.

I’m not suggesting you need to become a web designer – or an seo guy –  or a social media guru – or a marketer etc etc etc. I’m suggesting you need to become all of these things and more (at some level). Claiming you are “not that technical” is not a good enough excuse any more.

For anyone who has met a Yorkshireman before you may be aware that we tend to be blunt and to the point. True to form you may find my writing style and opinions blunt and to the point. This is in no way meant to be insulting and I challenge you to ask yourself, if you do find my suggestions tough to handle whether you genuinely want to be successful, or if you just like the idea of it?

Blog Categories

I have categorised the site based on  Darren Hardy‘s book “Your Best Year Ever.” Darren suggests a Plan, Do, Review and Improve approach to managing your goals and achieving success. I have then tagged any posts relating to specific subjects with a suitable semantic tag to help you find items of particular interest.

Darren has a great system for achieving success. His books are on my “Read these or Fail” list. With that in mind I want to ensure that any ideas I share with you fit within that system.

What I Post

I love how some internet marketing types like to use terms and acronyms to make stuff sound cool but complicated. Here’s your first lesson. It’s not that complicated. If I can teach myself how to do it, so can you.

In the most part I post about stuff you can use – hands on genuine tips… the kinds of thing you can quickly and easily put into action and make a difference – TODAY. I’ll also give you some great resources you can use to educate yourself.

Product Promotion

Occasionally I will recommend something you have to buy. As a general rule I will use an affiliate link with a view to earning a commission if you buy it off the back of my recommendation. I will never recommend something purely to earn some commission. If I don’t use it, I wont suggest you should. In all cases of this I will categorically spell out that I stand to make money from it and it’s up to you whether you can too.

I will also display advertisements in my sidebar. Where I can I will endeavour to ensure these are relevant and useful but as I use Google’s Adsense program I can’t guarantee it. Just be warned.

Spelling & Grammar

I have no formal training in writing and aside from checking my copy as well as I can I have no intention to have an army of proof readers check it for me. Why would I bother when I have you to do it. :-)

My grammar may not be amazing and you might find the odd typo. If you do I would be grateful if you can let me know without too much of a lecture on how one should use the english language.

And Finally

One final thing. I cannot make you successful. Only you can do that. What I can do is give you some of the knowledge and tools I use and help you avoid making some of the mistakes I’ve made. If you are too bone idle to use this stuff or if you think you can just hire a web guy and he will do it all for you then be prepared for mediocrity at best.

So. Let’s get successful – one click at a time. I dare you.